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Best Sandwich Right Here in Naples Florida


Amongst all the natural beauty here in Paradise we are proud to boast that one of the best sandwiches ever created is available here in Naples, Florida.

The Lobster Reuben, created by Greg Haley and Mary Beth Atwell, owners of Alice Sweetwater’s Bar & Grille in Naples, Florida, was named 2014 Sandwich of the Year by Restaurant Hospitality magazine.

Is your mouth sweet-watering yet? This picture makes me hungry.

Truth be told, the menu at Alice Sweetwater’s is chock full of home made recipes and delicious options suitable for lunch or dinner.

They have great diner reviews on Yelp and other social media (follow them on Facebook!)

One of my personal favs is their Gazpacho which is full of shrimp and topped with sour cream. I can’t not have it when I visit. When I mentioned this to Mary Beth she shared a story about how the previous owners of the restaurant passed down the recipe.

Alice Sweetwater’s is a perfect place for a business lunch or a casual family meal.

We are blessed with many natural assets here in Southwest Florida. Our beaches and waterways and overall climate are a huge attraction for tourists from around the world.

But having special, award-winning eateries is also important part of the our culture and not to be missed.

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restaurant-hospitality.com – Aug 24, 2001 Jun 11, 2014­

2014 Best Sandwiches in America: Seafood salad

Winner: Lobster Reuben

Restaurant: Alice Sweetwater’s Bar & Grille, Naples, FL

Sandwich creators: Mary Beth Atwell & Greg Haley

Inspiration: “A customer spoke of having a lobster reuben elsewhere, but we thought sauerkraut with lobster tail wasn’t appetizing. So we went to work to create something totally different and special.”

Key ingredients: 6 ounces of cold-water lobster tail, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo, Meyers Rum, pineapple,coleslaw, dried cranberries, rice vinegar, brown sugar, curry and challah bread

Why it’s special: It dares to mess with a New England classic, the lobster roll.

Price: $16.95

Food cost: 34 percent

What the judges said: There’s a prevailing school of thought about a lobster roll-style sandwich: Don’t mess with it—let the lobster do the talking. Well, damn it, Atwell and Haley went and messed with it. And it was time. Sure, it’s hard to beat a traditional roll of butter- and mayo-licked lobster. But this lobster reuben has so many more layers of flavor, it makes the old-school version seem a bit, well, lazy. And we’re not sure how they did it, but the flavor of lobster shines through all the other intriguing ingredients. Just don’t try this in New England, not unless you want to announce to the unyielding locals that you’ve landed on the planet from some far-flung universe like Naples, Florida.

Honorable mentions:

  • Stonington Lobster Roll: Acadia, Chicago
  • Crab Melt: Chaz on the Plaza, Overland Park, KS
  • Pan Bagnat Provencal: Maison Giraud, Pacific Palisades, CA

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Naples Daily News – Aug 24, 2001

Best Sandwich Right Here in Naples Florida

With apologies to Thomas Wolft, you can go home again. Or at least relive highlights of those pre-fern bar happy hours when a 7&7 was the drink of choice. Just drop by Alice Sweetwater’s Bar & Grille at 1996 Airport Road S. for a blast from the past – as well as the kind of swell pub grub occasionally found in funky, not franchised, settings.

In fact, the guest who joined me for this lunchtime review was so enchanted with her initial visit she returned that same evening for dinner. And again the next day.

“It’s not chic, but it’s very inviting and charming,” she said, “and there’s a sense of nostalgia.” (It also helped that virtually everything she and her friends samples was extremely good.)

Other Naples newcomers – more accustomed to the town’s proliferation of sleek watering holes, pseudo Irish pubs and cookie-cutter chain restaurant lounges – may well agree.

Sweetwater’s is a kickback kind of neighborhood tavern decorated in a pleasant mish-mash that includes folk art, posters and pink flamingos. Faux palm trees, wrapped with twinkling lights, stand at attention between tables. Wooden church pews supply seating along one wall, and diner-esque touches such as red plastic banquettes and a juke box around.

The menu even offers an unexpected Eisenhower-era treat that will especially appeal to boomers who remember the two-bite Little Tavern and White Castle hamburgers of their youth. A gourmet version of those miniature treats (made with top-quality beef on a homemade roll) can be found at Sweetwater’s. Priced at a buck each, they’re worth every penny.

Accompanying fires and above average onion rings, we were pleased to discover, hit the table hot, crunchy and greaseless.

While this casual eatery may appear to be an unlikely venue for fine foods, pleasant culinary surprises definitely await those who belly up to the bar or nab a table. (And it doesn’t take hours to get in and out. Although service is no-nonsense, I’ve always found it careful and competent. Pacing is generally good, too, although it sometimes suffers when multi-course meals are ordered at the peak of rush hour – just as it does practically anywhere.)

We experienced a few delays ourselves. But in all fairness, the restaurant was doing landslide business, and we over ordered so we could taste a variety of foods. By fat, those “Little Bitty Bite-Size Burgers” (that’s what they are called on the menu) were the highlight of the day.

But the restaurant’s pork tenderloin sandwich was a winner, too. It was lightly breaded, crispy fried and came on a homemade bun. Creamy slaw shared the plate.

Another best bet among appetizers was the deep-fried shrimp, which featured very lightly battered and fresh-tasting large crustaceans. (People avoiding fired foods can order their shrimp chilled or steamed, Cajun or Buffalo style.)

The stuffed mushroom caps, which were filled with an unexciting snow crab mix, were the one less-than-stellar dish we tried. Although prettily presented and generous in size, this dish was not in the same league as the rest of our starters.

Other dishes I’ve enjoyed on previous visits range from oysters Rockefeller to a rousing rendition of chili. The chicken quesadilla is another nice dish, and the chef’s chilled Caribbean seafood gazpacho, served in a mug with a dollop of sour cream, makes for a refreshing sip on a sizzling summer day.

Salad lovers will find a wealth of options too, including a very respectable Caesar. On this occasion, a bountiful vegetarian pasta salad got the nod. Penne pasta was tossed with tomatoes, broccoli and artichokes in a flavorful balsamic herbal dressing. Good stuff.

There was no way we could squeeze in dessert, but I took a slide of custard Key lime pie home for a midnight snack. It was fine but no barn-burner.

Instead – for the ultimate taste of Sweetwater’s – plan to toss back a brewski or two, slurp a half dozen raw oysters and dig into a plate of mini burgers.

Every neighborhood should have and Alice Sweetwater’s of its own.